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If you are looking for a suitable course to learn Spanish online and you have already found Lingostan, you need go no farther. We aim always at the highest quality of our courses, and if you always wanted to learn the language of conquistadors, we will find you an online Spanish native teacher (or a tutor) who will help you master it in the most natural and effective way.


Spanish is, doubtless, one of the most important languages in the world. On “the list of languages by total number of speakers” it ranks the fourth, but if you take a look at the list sorted by the number of native speakers, Spanish will be the second on it, beaten only by Mandarin Chinese and outranking even English! Besides, it is spoken not just in one or two countries, but in twenty! Imagine the business, travel and other life opportunities it will give you if you learn it! Next time you go to Spain, you will be the master of the situation, no matter what happens!


But even that is not all. Being one of the most prominent members of the Romance language group, Spanish, once you learn it really well, will give you an excellent basis for learning the other languages belonging to the same group. And besides, it is just gorgeous.


But enough about the reasons why it makes sense to learn Spanish. Since you are reading this, we assume that you have already been convinced, so the real question is, why learn Spanish online. For that, we can also name a few reasons. Firstly, this way you can be taught by a real native speaker who will be talking to you directly from Spain. In the so-called “real world” this would take some additional - and costly - arrangements, but when you opt for online language courses, all you need is Skype or another similar tool. You can study Spanish without leaving home, at a convenient time; you also can choose your teacher or tutor freely and contact Lingostan’s support with any question you might have. And still you will pay less than for a “brick and mortar” course!