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Living in the world that tends to interact and unite, did you ever think of all the benefits that speaking a foreign language may bring you? Did you ever try to learn a language and give up half-way because it was too boring? Did you ever try to do it on your own and then say to yourself, “No, all this is too difficult for me”? Was the cost of the nearby course so high that you couldn’t afford it?


Some languages, such as, for example, Russian, are indeed more difficult to learn than others, but they are still quite popular with language learners. After all, 260 million people speak Russian as their first or second language, so why not you? If someone has told you that you have to live in Russia to learn it well, which can be contrary to your plans, rest assured: a new option is now available, and that is to learn this beautiful language at Lingostan with a private Russian tutor.


How do you learn Russian online with us? We will assign a native tutor to you who will talk to you on Skype, Hangouts or another messenger about various interesting subjects and adjust to your level of the language, as long as you already have at least some vocabulary. If you are a complete beginner, you might want to start with a professional teacher – also online – who will explain the basics of the grammar to you, and give you some initial vocabulary, but once you have at least A1/A2, a tutor will be fine for you. And the rates will be pleasantly affordable.


Russian, as we know, is a language with a well-developed case system, and cases are better learned through patterns rather than grammar rules. This is another reason why we recommend learning with an online Russian tutor, who will hold a free conversation and thus help you acquire the Russian language in a natural way.