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Translation Services English Chinese

So, your company wants to translate content from English to Chinese. For some agencies, this can prove a tricky task at the best of times.

It’s important to do this in the correct way. A dodgy translation can be a complete waste of time and money to a company that cares about its content.

In the case of translating English to Chinese there is much to be done to ensure that your message stays intact.

For example, English is a slightly wordier language than Chinese and so there are many subtleties that need to be observed in the process of translation.

To secure the correct result, we offer Chinese translations from native Chinese translators.

Our native Mandarin speakers are well versed in their language and hail from places such as Beijing and Shanghai. This will give you the upper hand when trying to beat out your competitors in the marketplace.

The service is fast. We guarantee a quick turnaround as we know that you cannot afford to wait. You’ve got plenty of things to take care of already. Let us take the weight of your translation away from your long list.

Businesses are always looking to save money, we understand that. For that reason, our services are very reasonably priced. Our prices are cheap but the work is high quality. You will most certainly get the best result, whatever your budget.

Remember, we do everything in-house using our internal team of Chinese collaborators.

It is not just the consumers in your vicinity that want your products.

Today could be the day that you take your business overseas and unlock the earning potential of new markets. Share your product or service with the world - including mainland China!

When you take any project to China, you want to make sure you are reaching the big search engines. These include: Baidu, so.com and Sogou. This will allow for promotion on Chinese websites.

We are a translation agency based in Rome, Italy providing translations for companies all around the world.

In this respect, we also work to offer localization services and SEO services, particularly in the Chinese market. Most importantly, Our company exclusively employs translators that are native speakers. This sets us apart from other companies in the industry.

Spread the word about your business in China with Lingostan.