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These days, everyone is going global.

Gone are the days of being limited to a small local market. The internet provides us all with the chance to reach the four corners of the world. The more eyes that you can get on your content, the more people you will connect with and the more money you will make.

Now, that sounds easy, but there is actually one key step that many organisations fail to take. That one key step is to make sure they are speaking their audience’s language.

It’s all about the message.

You need an accurate message for your clients and colleagues.

Customers need a reliable story to connect with a product or a service. A story is what hooks new leads, a story is what makes someone fall in love with your company. Tell your story with reliable copy, proofread by the finest native speakers available.

Tell your story with Lingostan. We are a translation agency based in Rome, Italy, and of course we specialize in English-Italian translation but we can also provide Chinese translation, Russian, Korean, Spanish and many others. We can also offer localization services and SEO services, especially in China, on Baidu. Our company exclusively employ translators that are native speakers.

You too can go global with the correct linguistic standard and tone. Lingostan will provide you with an A grade translation.

Our specialities include:

Legal Contracts 

In today’s lawsuit-happy world, you can’t mess around with contracts. The technical vocabulary and professional standard will be quickly noticed if you don’t go through the correct channels for your translation.

Business & E-Commerce

Now, more than ever, people are shopping online. You need the copy to be perfect. Text that contains errors or unnatural language will cause your customer to lose trust in your business.

IT - Computers & The Internet

The tech sector is booming and it’s a constant battle to be at the forefront. Let your customers and clients know about the latest developments and keep your digital processes moving at lightning speed.

Printing & Publishing

It goes without saying that you need correct content in the printing and publishing industry. Deliver top quality content for each and every audience member that you reach. Never, ever stop the presses.


The economy is more volatile than ever and that means your message is changing all the time. Keep investors up to date with a clear message for every quarter.

Transportation, Shipping, Tourism & Travel

Movement of goods or indeed movement of people make these industries very exciting. With new developments each and every day you have to stay in touch with your clientele. Keep the wheels in motion for your company.

Furniture and Cosmetics

Attention to detail is vital in these sectors. Sometimes the most important aspects of design are in the minutiae. Communicate your message down to the last letter with the native terms and the technical vocabulary required.

Textiles & Fashion

Adjectives that create feelings of comfortability and a trendy atmosphere are the requirements here. Only a native speaker can provide you with the attention to detail that will serve your clients and colleagues properly.

Cooking & Nutrition

Whether it’s a recipe or a restaurant review, your audience gets a feel for the flavour from the copy that you produce. Don’t let the flavour go stale with a bad translation. Pick the professionals to get your project moving.

If you’re not already convinced, here is some more information that you may want to see.

The service is fast. Lingostan understands that you don’t want to wait and why should you? Lingostan guarantees a quick turnaround from first contact to the final draft of your project.

What’s more, the quality is high. High quality work is the lifeblood of the agency and the assurance given to each and every client. Every client is an important client.

Don’t leave your life’s work in the hands of amateurs. Trust the professionals and enjoy the service that you receive, resulting in new deals, more revenue and increased exposure to the global markets.

Contact Lingostan today and rest easy in the hands of a professional translation service.